Green Ginger

If you need tailormade English lessons or Dutch lessons for your child or yourself, either at home or at your office, please contact Astrid Leuvering. She also provides texts and translations. If you wish to explore Amsterdam and its surroundings like a local, just check out her tours and trips.

English lessons
• English as a foreign language

• for children and adults

• tailormade private tuition at your work or home

• materials based on your learning style

• levels A1-B2 (EFR)

If you prefer group lessons, Astrid can give you an advice on request.

Dutch lessons
• Dutch as a foreign language

• for children and adults

• tailormade private tuition at your work or home

• songs, games, dialogues and excursions complete your course book

• levels A1-B2 (EFR)

​If you prefer group lessons, please contact the language school that Astrid works for:

In this short film you can see why she loves teaching there.

Texts and translations
• translations from English into Dutch and vice versa

• text editing and correcting, both in English and Dutch

• for websites, PHD research publications, corporate communication etc.

• creative writing (scripts for educational programmes, dialogues, songs)

Astrid wrote the scripts for the educational TV series English Station, based on the national curriculum of Sri Lanka. The series is meant to teach English in a playful way, to Sri Lankan children who either do or can’t go to school. In the short films you can see clips taken from the series.

Tours and trips
• guided like-a-local tours in Amsterdam (East, West, North, South), Waterland or wherever you wish to go and explore

• for groups of family / friends

• by bike or on foot

• in Dutch or English

Film 1: A bike tour in the north of Amsterdam for Koentact language students (by Mike Kotsur).

Film 2: A bike tour in the north of Amsterdam for Sarah, her family and friends (by Sarah Poletti).

Astrid Leuvering
has over twenty years of teaching experience in various subjects like management skills, languages, drama and teacher training.

She wrote plays, songs and TV scripts, sang in a band, and dreams of directing a movie.

She taught English to children in Sri Lanka and wrote a textbook based on their interests.

She loves Amsterdam and its hidden gems, learning languages whilst travelling, international people, riding her bike, singing songs and tasting local beers.

Green Ginger was founded in 2011.

CV on request

For rates and info please contact Astrid:

animation Sarah Poletti, design Margriet V., built by Marijn van Beek